Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office

Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office
Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office
Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office
Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office
Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office
Additional single nozzle 3D printer kits prusa i3 reprap Anet A6 with SD card PLA ABS Filament in 3D Printers from Computer Office

Product Specification

CE Certification: Yes

Color Print Speed: 220*220*250MM

Model Number: Anet A6

Brand Name: Anet

Extruder : 0.4MM (Custom Options: 0.5/0.3/0.2MM)

Printing Speed: 40-120MM/S (Adjustable)

Gross Power: 250W

Warranty: 365days

Filaments: PLA.ABS,WOOD,NYLON,PC,ect.

Color: Black

3D Printing Software: Repetier-Host,Cura

Packing Way: Knocked down and packed in a box.

Accessories: 1 X 16GB SD Card


Shipping  from US warehouse

If you choose the package shipping from US when place the order,we will send you the printer with US plug.For the filaments,PLA or ABS with random color are included in the package.The default nozzle is 0.4mm


Shipping from Czech warehouse

---No custom tax for the European Union countries

If you choose the package ship from  EU .when place the order,we will send you the printer with EU plug.

For the filaments,PLA or ABS filament with random color are included in the package.The default nozzle is 0.4mm,thanks

If you choose the package ship from China may have to pay customs duties,when place the order,we will send you the printer with EU plug(We also have US plug/British.If you need change just leave a message to notify us).For the filament, send random (If you have special color request .you can also leave a message to notify us)


Product Information:


Model: Anet A6

A6 Build size: 220*220*250mm  

Printing speed: 30-150mm/s     

Nozzlediameter:0.4mm (0.2/0.3/0.5/0.6mm)                             

Layer thickness: 0.1-0.3mm  

Printing accuracy: 0.1-0.2mm                                         

X Y axis position accuracy: 0.012mm               

Z   axis position accuracy: 0.004m   

Print accuracy : 0.1-0.2mm

LCD screen: 12864 LCD/2004LCD

Printing material: ABS/PLA/HIPS/PETG/TPU/Wood/Nylon/ PP 

Material tendency: PLA                   

Filament diameter : 1.75mm                      

Software language: Multi-language            

Function of support: automatically

File format: STL  G-Code  OBJ              


OS: Windows XP/Win7/Win8/ Linux/Mac


Offline printing: SD CARD

Power supply: Input: 110/220V,

Output:  20A  240W


Max heated bed temperature:  about 100°C

Max extruder temperature:  about 260°C

Working condition: 10-30℃; Humidity 20-50%

Package including:

1 * Set DIY 3D Printer Kit
1 * SD Card(Installation Instruction Included)
1 * Card Reader
4 * Hex Wrench
1 * Open Spanner
1 * Nipper
1 * Screwdriver
1 * 10m/rolls Filament






How about warranty of your 3D Printers?

12 months wareanty against manufacturing defect. We have the professional engineer team to provide technical support to solve any problem on 3D Printers. Any problem about 3D Printers, please contact us.


How long is the shipping time?

Different address,different time spent,anyway,for your reference:

a).Shipping by express: usually,it needs spend 7-14 days.

b).Shipping by sea: usually,it needs spend 25-45 days.


Do you support Dropshipping for the 3D Printers ?
Yes. We support Dropshipping for any orders, even if only one unit. Just need you to tell us the quantity of orders, detailed delivery address and phone number of your customers, then we can directly ship the goods to your customers door, on behalf of you or your company!


Is it easy to assemble the machine?

-YES, it is. we have the manual instruction and YOUTUBE Video to show the detail assembly, its very easy to learn and make your perfect DIY Machine, which will be more interesting. 





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