1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health

1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health
1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health
1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health
1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health
1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health
1 Bottles Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids in Lecithin from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Brand Name: BIOHEK

Charge Unit: Bottles

Packaging: Bottle

Department Name: Middle-aged

Certification: CFDA

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Gender: Unisex

Item: Soy Lecithin Softgels

Specification: 80 Pcs/Bottle

Ingredients: Soy Lecithin, Soybean Oil

Function: Treat Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia

Suggested Use: 1 Capsules Once, 2 Times a Day

Storage Method: Seal, Keep In Cool and Dry Place

Approval Number: Country Food Healthy No.G20080579

Product Standards: Q/RBH 0095S

Attention: This Product Can't Instead of Medicine.

Unsuitable Crowd: Children


1 Bottle Natural Soy Lecithin Softgels Effectively Prevent and Treat Atherosclerosis Liver Disease Senile Dementia Soybean Phospholipids

***Product Description***                                                                                      

Lecithin contains fat-like substances called phospholipids. Components of lecithin protect cells from oxidation and largely comprise the protective sheaths surrounding the nerves in the brain and nervous system. It is needed by every cell in the body and is a key building block of cell membranes, helping them to maintain flexibility. Although lecithin is a fatty substance, it is also a fat emulsifier. Emulsifiers in the body play an important role in fat digestion and circulatory health. The nervous system may benefits from the choline in lecithin. Choline is useful for making acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.

[Product Name]  Phosphatidesil Softgels.

[Ingredients]  Soybean lecithin,vitamin E,gelatin,glycerol.

[Efficiency composition and content]  Lecithin>=59.5%

[Health care function ]  Regulate blood fat.

[Suitable group]  Those people with high blood fat.

[Unsuitable group]  Children.

[Usage and dosage]  1-2 softgels per day.

[Product specifications]  1200mg /softgel×80softgels/bottle.

[Storage method]   Sealed, stored in a cool, dry place.

[Attention]  This product can't instead of medicine.

***Product Function***                                                                                           

1.Improves brain function.

The main nutrient found in soy lecithin is phosphatidylcholine, also known as PC. PC is part of the membrane surrounding your cells and your body breaks it down into choline, which is widely known to be vital for the health of your brain. Choline is especially important for preventing memory loss and, in particular, preventing memory loss from old age.
2.Promotes healthy weight loss.
Lecithin hastens the breakdown of fats, aiding the whole process and as a result can boost metabolism. It has been used quite effectively as part of a healthy diet to promote weight loss. Best of all, since it is natural, lecithin allows your body to lose weight properly without relying on drugs that could cause harm in other areas of your health.
3.Lowers cholesterol.
The benefits of soy lecithin for lowering cholesterol are well known as it has been used for decades in treating patients with high cholesterol. It controls the flow of nutrients in and out of your cells and prevents the build up of fats in the walls of your heart, arteries and brain by breaking down the fatty deposits. For this reason, it not only benefits cholesterol levels, but also your cardiovascular health too.
4.Prevents disease.
There is also strong research that suggests the cell regulation benefits of lecithin may also have significant effects on brain and memory function, including possible improvements for Alzheimer's, dementia, amnesia and more.
5.Essential for liver health.

Doctors and scientists have known for some time that lecithin and choline are both essential for liver function and health. By keeping liver fats dispersed in water, lecithin and choline can prevent those fats from accumulating. Also, because they control the flow of nutrients in and out, they can essentially flush out toxins from your liver before they cause harm.


1. Full refund if the following 3 conditions occur during transport:
  a. If the items cannot be delievered within 60 days after dispatch;
    b. If the items are hold by the custom and can't make customs clearance;
    c. If the items occurred damage during the transportation.

2. How to ensure product quality?
Received 14 certifications "United States, EU Pass", such as GMP, HACCP, CANS, cGMP, IS014000, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, US NSF certification, US FDA registration, etc. 
3. Can products be sent to my country?
Product interface, if you can place an order sucessfully, it means that it could be sent to your country.
4. About product packaging.

    Due to the large quantity of sale in the world, the packaging changes frequently, such as the difference between packaging and bottles. We guarantee that the products sold are 100% genuine for the factory, you can buy and use with confidence.
5. About capsule softening, adhesion, etc.
BIOHEC capsule products are made of gelatin as a capsule material. Due to the gelatin properties or the weather in transportation, may cause capsule softening, adhesion, etc., it does not affect product quality. You can open the bottle cap of the product, put it in tithe refrigerator fresh layer, take it out after 1-2 days, close the lid and shake it to separate the capsules.
6. How long will it take to have a effect?
Dietary supplements are not medicines and can't cure diseases. It takes time to adjust for chronic diseases and sub-health conditions. The human body needs a certain metabolic cycle, which requires constant supplementation and assists in healthy living habits, which could improve health problems.



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